Survivors: Become a Member

Joining TASSC means joining a community of survivors seeking to heal from the past, rebuild their lives in the United States, and advocate to end torture across the globe.

TASSC International serves survivors of torture living in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. If you are interested in receiving social, psychological or legal services from TASSC, please:

  1. Give us a call at (202) 529-2991,

  2. Send us an email at, or

  3. Join us for one of our weekly information sessions, or

  4. Sign up for TASSC's email list.

TASSC broke down the loneliness and the silence I was confined in. I was introduced to its great diverse community - my new family - where I always find somebody to listen to me, to laugh with me, to smile with me, and to suffer with me...sharing my pain.
— TASSC Member

Step 1: Attend An Info and Registration Session

tuesdays at 12:00pm

Weekly Info Sessions

We offer weekly Information and Registration Sessions every Tuesday from 12:00 - 1:00pm at our office where a Social Services staff member will discuss our services, how to become a member,  and how to find quality medical, legal, psychological, career development and clinical case management support in the DC area.

TASSC has a limited number of new openings for those interested in receiving case management, counseling and legal support. Intake sign-ups are first come, first serve and must be done in-person after the information session.

Step 2: Sign Up For Our Email List 

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Stay Informed - Sign Up For Our Email List

If you would like to receive updates about events at TASSC and times we are open for new registration, we invite you to sign up for our email list by clicking here


Step 3: Meet With A Case Manager

By appointment

Become a Member

Once you attend registration day and are deemed eligible for services after an initial intake, you will be assigned to a TASSC case manager. Your case manager will be your primary point of contact for receiving services at TASSC and can meet with you by appointment.

Even if you don't have an appointment with your case manager or other staff, you are always welcome to visit TASSC any time during our business hours:

Our office is located at 4121 Harewood Rd NE, Suite B in Washington, DC 20017.