Truth Speakers

TASSC’s Truth Speakers  program brings survivors’ voices to schools, universities, faith-based institutions and human rights groups in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Truth Speakers are survivors of torture who have chosen to speak publicly about their experiences. They bravely speak out to spread awareness, to advocate on behalf of those who have been silenced and to motivate the community to act.

Truth Speakers are trained to address several issues of concern and to make presentations to various audiences. They have spoken to small and large groups, including churches, synagogues, high schools, universities, conferences, theaters and at trainings.

If you would like to learn more or request a Truth Speaker for your event or gathering, please contact us.

I have kept my secrets about what happened to me inside for so long – I felt like I was carrying a huge load inside my head. Becoming a Truth Speaker and speaking openly made me more relaxed, freed my mind and made me into a stronger woman.
— Sara (Truth Speaker, pseudonym)

Places We've Been

Churches and Synagogues


high schools


human rights events


sporting events

art and music shows


Everyone in our Bible Study class was in awe of the Truth Speakers who came to our church. It was shocking to hear about their torture and agony; most Americans are not even aware that this kind of suffering goes on.
— Colin Moran (St. Luke Catholic Church, McLean, VA)