TASSC Partners and Funders

We value ethics, Transparency, and the Grantors that make our work possible.


TASSC belongs to two prestigious collectives of torture treatments organizations, one national and one international. These collectives are made up of groups like TASSC that provide a variety of health, social, legal, and advocacy based services.


TASSC receives a variety of funding from federal and local governments, public and private foundations, and individuals like you. We believe every dollar donated to TASSC should go directly to the enhancement of our programs based on survivors needs and comments and we think you have a right to know how your money is used. You can see some of our funders above and access our four most recent IRS 990s and Impact Sheets below.

2018: IRS 990, Impact Sheet

2017: IRS 990, Impact Sheet

2016: IRS 990, Impact Sheet

2015: IRS 990, Impact Sheet