TASSC's Social Services Program Coordinator quoted in the Washington Post

Alysha Tagert,  TASSC's Social Services Program Coordinator, was quoted in the Washington Post on August 25th. The article titled "This man launched a website so people can invite refugees to stay in their homes" covers a topic which affects most if not all TASSC survivors - housing. To address the lack of affordable housing available to refugees and asylees, Amr Arafa developed a concept called Emergency BnB - a website similar to Airbnb, where individuals with homes or rooms to rent can sign up to host refugees and victims of domestic violence. In turn, members of these vulnerable populations can register to find a temporary place to stay for free. While Emergency BnB is still in the beginning stages, it is a great concept that TASSC is extremely excited about.

The Washington Post reached out to TASSC last week to learn more about the difficulty of finding housing for the survivors we work with. When asked about the challenges associated with finding a place to stay and the possibility of utilizing a site like Emergency BnB, Alysha commented: "It is incredibly difficult to get a bed anywhere in the city. Public shelters are sometimes very dangerous environments. We're talking about sometimes very traumatized people going into dysfunctional environments. It would be a very natural welcome for an individual if they were staying in a home. I think it's important for enculturation, for feeling like you belong."

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If you are interested in becoming an EmergencyBnB host, you can sign up here.