President’s Attacks on Immigrants Divide America

Ramifications of the Executive's Vocabulary

By TASSC Advocacy Intern Dan Ogden

“Send them back.” After being repeatedly shouted at a recent Trump rally in North Carolina, critics lambasted the President for not opposing the racist and xenophobic phrase turned chant. Members of Congress and the media condemned the actions and the pressure forced President Trump to dissuade future crowds from continuing the slogan. Yet, even as the President backpedaled from his statements, his supporters and critics used them to more firmly root their own opinions on the value of such words.

On Saturday, August 3rd, a white nationalist killed 22 people, and destroyed the lives of countless others, inside a Wal-Mart in El Paso. He released a manifesto before committing the acts, where he detailed his anti-immigration beliefs, hatred for a so-called “Hispanic invasion” of Texas, and support of “send them back”. Trump can no longer convince the public his words and policies have no influence over white nationalists and he must recognize the power of the President over the minds of people. His constant antagonistic remarks about immigrants encourages a divide in this country that seems to leave people either exhausted or truculent. Rhetoric supporting differences can no longer be seen as simple opinions, but rather as aid to the radical ideas that further ideologies encouraging violence.

TASSC hopes the President acknowledges his role in these deaths, but more importantly hopes the communities affected, and the United States as a whole, come together in such trying times. The nation must recognize we work best together, not apart.

Daniel Ogden is an Advocacy Intern at TASSC in the Summer 2019. He is currently a student at University of Alaska, Anchorage, where he is majoring in Political Science and History with a minor in International Relations.

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