Letter to the Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy About Sudan

TASSC and the undersigned human rights and civil society organizations committed to a free, civilian-led Sudan, are encouraged that the Assistant Secretary at the US Department of State, Tibor Nagy has met with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and opposition forces to seek a peaceful solution to the Sudanese crisis and that Ambassador Donald Booth has been appointed as a senior advisor on Sudan. We believe that the goals for American diplomacy should be to:

(1) Press the TMC to immediately cease all attacks on protesters and civilians, who have the right to freedom of expression and association, and to choose their own leaders

(2) Press the TMC to negotiate with the Freedom and Change Movement with the goal of quickly transferring power to a civilian-led council which can set Sudan on a path to a democratic and prosperous future

(3) Make clear to the TMC’s allies—Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt—that they must go along with a civilian-led government or face serious consequences in their relationships with the United States. One of the principal reasons why the TMC stubbornly refuses to cede power to civilians is because it believes it has the backing of these three countries, which in turn are supported by the United States.

TASSC International