Survivor and activist

Amal Nourelhuda is a TASSC survivor from Sudan and an active participant in the struggle to build “a new Sudan.” Life has not been easy for Amal, but she has met its challenges with fierce determination and the support of family and friends. She became blind as a child but graduated from Khartoum University with degrees in economics and psychology. Amal fled Sudan in 2015 after being persecuted by the brutal military dictatorship headed by Omar al Bashir, who ruled the country for 29 years.

Starting in December 2018, Sudanese have been protesting in the streets calling for Bashir to step down and for the military regime to be replaced by a democratic civilian-led transition government.

Amal was a famous singer in Sudan—here in America she has traveled throughout the country performing at concerts to raise money for the protestors. And she has participated in meetings in the United States Congress organized by TASSC.

Amal is watching the rapidly changing political events in Sudan with excitement and optimism. Bashir was deposed on April 11 but the protestors in Khartoum will not be satisfied until the regime and the top generals are gone too. “We have learned our lessons from the failed Arab Springs – we don’t want to end up like Egypt. Sudanese don’t trust the military or the Islamists to run the country. People will keep protesting until the old regime is no more. And we in the Sudanese diaspora from Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and everywhere else will be supporting them.”

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