Supreme Court Ruling Upholding the US Travel Ban From Muslim Majority Countries

TASSC is disturbed to find bigotry and intolerance against an entire religious faith take root in the highest court of the United States. Yesterday’s decision in ‘Trump vs. Hawaii’ sends a chilling message to millions of Muslims worldwide who have struggled against repression and terror in their home countries and viewed the United States as a haven from the tyranny and violence they experience at home.

As the only organization in Washington DC that specifically serves torture survivors, our community is made up of many hundreds of people who have fled Muslim majority and repressive governments from Africa and the Middle East seeking to live free from violence, armed conflict and ethnic and religious hostility.

Many in our community are well-known opponents of authoritarian governments and today contribute valuable advice and insights to American policymakers about the political situations in their home countries. They have spoken out in Congress and other forums and shared their experiences about living under repression, while contributing to their communities in their adopted home. In the United States among the refugee population, it is estimated that more than 1.2 million people are torture survivors. They have paid a high price for their opposition to tyranny and had viewed the United States as a country that welcomed those who sought to live in peace and security. Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling unmoors these expectations forever.