On April 24 the Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (ASTT), the only organization providing professional mental health care for survivors of torture in the DC and Maryland area, closed it doors with little notice to clients and staff. 

  • 35 – 50 high-risk torture survivors are now without trauma treatment.
  • A six-month Emergency Plan to assure continuation of this mental health lifeline has been put in place by TASSC -   the only other organization to which these survivors can turn.
  • The cost of implementing this Emergency Plan is $60,000.  TASSC must raise this $60,000 within the next 14 days in order to go forward with the plan.
  • To date $10,000 has been pledged by two TASSC donors and an emergency fundraising effort by the TASSC's board was launched April 27.

The Interim Solution:

When the funds are raised TASSC will move immediately to:

  • Bring a professional psychologist and two case managers formerly with ASTT into the TASSC office to provide services.    
  • This mental health program will be fully integrated into existing TASSC services to survivors including our in-house legal support, shelter in our Survivor House, job training and community support.
  • Salaries, tax and overhead costs are being kept to a minimum but the TASSC budget has no money to support this additional trauma treatment effort.  Thus the immediate need to raise $60,000.  (See Emergency Budget for details.)

The Long-Term Solution: 

The Emergency Funds will cover the costs of the mental health lifeline for six months.  During that period TASSC will also:

Complete a grant application for long term funding in the amount of $150,000 with the Office of Refugee Resettlement of the Department of Health and Human Services.   This will be a portion of a larger ORR grant proposal.

As a back-up  TASSC will also seek alternative sources of support for the long- term torture treatment care of survivors either through alternative sources of funds or through alternative provision of services by other organizations.

Next Steps:

We urge your immediate Emergency Support by donating any amount you can right now.

To date we have raised $10,000 of the $60,000 needed.

Our deadline is May 15, 2015.

Emergency Budget:

Clinical Director –20 hours/week – 6 months:                      $ 16,800

2 case managers - 20 hours/week – 6 months:                    $ 21,120

Federal and State tax on wages                                             $   3,925

Two new desktop computers                                                  $   1,600

Additional Insurance needs                                                     $   1,500

Funds for servicing additional survivors/overhead cost        $   4,000

Contingency: 15%                                                                      $   7,342


TOTAL                                                                                         $  56,287


Already received as gift-in-kind:  3 desks, 3 office chairs, file cabinets, one computer, miscellaneous office supplies.            

Please help us by making a donation today.    Click below to make your emergency donation now!    

Thank you!