Life Skills Workshop Facilitators

When Survivors first arrive in the US, they are often faced with intimidating and unfamiliar processes and challenges that are unique to American culture. Our hope is that with your help, TASSC survivors can be equipped with practical knowledge and skills to assist them as they rebuild their lives in the United States.

are you a local professional or expert in a relevant FIELD seeking an opportunity to:

  • Share your knowledge and skills to support survivors new to life in the United States;

  • Develop communication and presentation skills by leading workshops;

  • Experience a population diverse in cultural and life experiences;

  • Provide valuable life skills support through rewarding volunteer service.

If so, we invite you to partner with us.

TASSC’s Life Skills workshops

Life Skills workshops are offered on a regular basis throughout the year to help survivors manage stress while gaining practical knowledge and skills. Each workshop lasts from 1 - 2 hours. In the past, topics have included:

  • Banking and building credit

  • Healthcare and insurance

  • Career development

  • Professional volunteer work

  • Taxes

  • Obtaining a driver’s license

  • Affordable housing

  • Nutrition

  • Asylum-seeker rights

TASSC welcomes community partners and supporters to lead each workshop. To lead a workshop:

  1. Reach out to us by submitting a volunteer interest form. Let us know a little about you, your expertise and the topic you would like to cover.

  2. If your topic and experience meet a current need, we’ll set a date for the workshop to be held during office hours.

  3. You’ll prepare the presentation (talking points, PowerPoint, handouts, etc.)

  4. We’ll review and provide feedback.

  5. You’ll lead!