Advocacy Volunteers

TASSC offers opportunities for members of the community to advocate on human rights and foreign policy issues, alongside survivors, on Capitol Hill.

Are you a local human rights defender seeking an opportunity to:

  • Advocate on key domestic and foreign policy issues, alongside TASSC survivors;

  • Educate policy makers on key issues, torture, and the survivor community;

  • Develop communication skills by participating in meetings with congressional staff on Capitol Hill;

  • Experience a population diverse in cultural, professional and life experiences; and,

  • Participate in rewarding volunteer experience that has the potential to make real policy impact.

If so, we invite you to partner with us.

our advocacy efforts:

TASSC’s Advocacy and Outreach Program educates policy makers and the broader public about the countries that continue to practice torture worldwide. This program offers ways to combat torture and encourages support for survivors in the United States. The pillar of this program is the survivor voice, which we believe to be the most powerful tool in the fight to abolish torture. TASSC’s Advocacy agenda currently focuses on three key issues:

  • Influencing US human rights policies toward countries where survivors have fled;

  • Emphasizing why the US should continue to be a leader on global human rights, and ensure protection for refugees and asylum seekers; and,

  • Calling attention to contributions made by refugees, asylees and immigrants in the US.

To participate in this program as a human rights advocate:

  1. Reach out to us by submitting a volunteer interest form. Let us know a little about you and why you are interested participating in our advocacy efforts.

  2. If your experience and availability meets our need, we’ll reach out to schedule a time for an advocacy training.

  3. we’ll then schedule a day for you to advocate on the hill, which typically consists of a half to full day of 2-4 meetings.

  4. after your meetings, we’ll request a follow-up report about your experience.