TASSC aims to service survivors and support them in any way they need. Our four programs are the cornerstones of our work and address the main areas of concern for many survivors. All TASSC members are eligible for our services and we hope to provide them with personalized and purposeful support.

Social Services

The Social Services Program uses trauma-informed and strength-based approaches to provide a 'second home' for survivors in a warm, caring environment where they can begin to heal.

Psychological Services

The Psychological Services team offers individual and group counseling in a safe, caring and confidential environment. They can help address the symptoms of PTSD and provide culturally-sensitive healing techniques as well as yoga, massage and meditation sessions to support survivors as they cope with loss and trauma.


Advocacy and Outreach

The Advocacy and Outreach Program educates policymakers and the broader public about how to combat torture and support survivors living in the US. Survivors are involved in developing and implementing TASSC’s advocacy agenda, which focuses on two or three key issues each year.

Legal Services

TASSC offers a Legal Services Program (LSP) for survivors needing assistance with their asylum applications. A trained lawyer supports and advises our members through all steps of the process and ensures proper legal procedures are followed.